#NPPDecides :JFK Beats John Boadu


#NPPDecides :JFK Beats John Boadu 5

According to reports in Countryghana, the NPP will soon have a new General Secretary.

Supporters of Justine Frimpong Koduah, often known as JFK, can be seen celebrating on the election grounds while the country waits for the official results.

There are signs that JFK has significantly increased his vote totals in the Ahafo Region and the Ashanti Region.

John Boadu, the incumbent NPP General Secretary, has lost despite numerous assurances that he was in charge of the election and that things would turn out in his favor as the counting progressed.
Justin Kodua received 1,606 votes, while John Boadu received 1,086.

However, the Electoral Commission has not yet made the official, final results public.

Before the competition, John Boadu, who had previously come across as overconfident, told press he would win.

#NPPDecides :JFK Beats John Boadu 6

But Justin Frimpong Kodua, a lawyer, defeated him, winning nearly all the polling places, including every one in the Ashanti Region.

According to preliminary data, Justin Kodua has more than 500 more votes than John Boadu.

The Youth Employment Agency’s CEO is attorney Justin Frimpong Kodua (JFK) (YEA).

In March of this year, he formally announced his intention to run for the position of New Patriotic Party (NPP) General Secretary, although he was considered a long shot.

Justin Frimpong Kodua, an active, amiable, and motivated young lawyer with innovative ideas for modern party management and governance, is ready to change the New Patriotic Party’s organizational structure and make it functional once more.

According to Justin Frimpong Kodua, invigorating the party base will require new approaches and a united front to break the 8-year curse.

The significant changes YEA has experienced under JFK’s leadership are proof of his exceptional leadership and management skills.

JFK is highly confident in his ability to steer the affairs of the NPP in the correct direction for electoral success in 2024 and beyond. He has also developed an open demeanor that endears him to the rank and file of the party.

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#NPPDecides :JFK Beats John Boadu 7

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