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No turning back :I earned only ¢1,500 in Ghana i am making $1.3k in Vietnam– Ghanaian teacher says[Video]

By Mar11,2022
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Mercy Agyei Ankomah

Mercy Agyei Ankomah, a Ghanaian teacher working in Vietnam, has described how her life has changed since she went to the Southeast Asian country to work.

In comparison to her take-home income in Ghana, which was ¢1,500, she currently makes $1,300 as an English teacher in Vietnam, according to her.

She told SVTV Africa that despite the large sums of money she receives, she is not paid on time because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This time around, the pay is a little higher. Prior to the pandemic, black teachers were paid $600 per year. The white instructors, on the other hand, left during the pandemic. So I’ll take $1,300 now. Others will get $1,200 to $3,000 as well.”

“The issue is that we were sent home due to a celebration in February.” As a result, I have nothing on which to rely. “It’s still the same in March,” she told DJ Nyaami.

According to the former Juaben Senior High School teacher, she lived a pleasant life in Ghana, but she chose to move completely on the basis of a travel agency’s sugarcoated promises.

She confessed that when she first arrived in Vietnam in 2019, she struggled to acclimatize to life in the nation.

She warned Ghanaians not to move to Vietnam in search of greener pastures because, except for teaching English, there is no employment available.

Despite all of this, Madam Ankomah indicated that she has no plans to return to Ghana.

“You work for two months and then stay at home for seven months, spending all of your earnings.” I’m not sure if I want to come to Ghana, but I’m also not sure if I want to stay here. She went on to say, “I know Ghana is costly now.”

The full interview

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No turning back :I earned only ¢1,500 in Ghana i am making $1.3k in Vietnam– Ghanaian teacher says[Video] 3

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