Nigel Gaisie is seen attempting to assault a 70-year-old landlady.


Nigel Gaisie
Nigel Gaisie is seen attempting to assault a 70-year-old landlady. 3

According to Kwaku Annan, host of Net 2 TV’s Seat Show, the prophet and his landlady had a furious argument over a garbage dump.

“In his attempt to beat up his landlady for trespassing on his land on June 8, 2022, he breached God’s vows. On tonight’s episode, Justice Kwaku Annan said, “We illustrate how ungodly, this false man of God is seen in the eye of the Lord.”

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and head of Prophetic Hill Chapel, was caught on camera in an altercation with his landlord.

“He claimed he’d beat up Grandma, Aunty! Gaisie, Nigel! You’re coming to bash up on my grandmother? “You’re insane,” a female voice yelled in the background.

“When the landlord protested, he became enraged and threatened to beat her to death,” Kwaku Annan continued. This man did not think that he is a Christian or that the 70-year-old woman could be his mother.”

“He (Nigel Gaisie) was given land to build on, and that is where he operates his church as I speak to you,” Kwaku Annan explained before showing the video of the altercation. The landlady did not charge you any money and gave you the land for free. You have your church building, while she has her piece. This preacher has turned the landlady’s half into a garbage dump. “

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Nigel Gaisie is seen attempting to assault a 70-year-old landlady. 4

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