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Lawyer Blay Nyameke Armah’s Water Access Initiative Kick Start At Adiembra

Addressing water accessibility in Sekondi, Lawyer Blay Nyameke Armah, parliamentary candidate for NDC Sekondi, commissioned two mechanized boreholes in the Abiembra Community with an investment of over 50,000 cedis. This initiative, part of Armah’s vision for Sekondi, marks the start of a broader strategy aimed at sustainable access to water in the Sekondi Constituency.

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Ghanaian Government Releases Funds for Payment of Arbitration Award

The Ghanaian government has paid a long-awaited arbitration award to GPGC Limited in relation to a contractual dispute, which began in 2010. The exact funds released amount to approx. US$20 million. This move is seen as a victory for rule of law in Ghana, and signals to foreign investors that the government honors its obligations.