Never been to the UK or sold cocaine before – Jojo Mills-Robertson clarifies


Ghanaian actor and comic Jojo Mills-Robertson has stated categorically that he never lived in the UK nor did he sell cocaine, contrary to an old rumour.

Larry Bozzle, host of CTV’s ‘Time with the Stars’ program, had mentioned the 2009 rumor. He proceeded to give the movie star the opportunity to clear the air.

“I remember a producer called me in the US, when I was going, there was one incident that had taken place where a certain Ago Robertson – a Ga Robertson – I heard he had done a deal and had been arrested in the UK and all that,” he began, speaking predominantly in his native Fante.

“The moment people heard Robertson, they assumed it was me but that was the time I travelled to the US,” he noted, shaking his head. “i was in the US when Kofi Andoh – the producer for Efiewura – called me and asked, ‘Ah, Jojo, I hear you’ve been arrested by the police’.”

In his trademark rib-cracking humour, he recalled asking Kofi Andoh, “Do they have phone numbers in the prison? Do they allow cellphones in prison since it is my cellphone you have called me on?” To make his point, he stressed: “I know there is a phone used by prisoners but they don’t have cellphones.”

The award-winning actor said in that moment on the phone, he made it clear the rumour was false and added: “I was raised like a proper human and not reared like an animal. I don’t live by a philosophy of taking the short way to success.”

Generally, “I don’t like flashy things in life, even birthday celebrations” he pointed out. “I had good examples of hard work from my parents to emulate as I grew so I am not envious of anyone.”

Returning to the earlier allegation he said, “I have never been to the UK, ever, and the UK government can testify to this. I have never stepped a foot in the UK before.”

“So that rumour was totally false. There is nothing that shows I have been to the UK before to engage in such foolishness,” he said.

Seizing the moment as a comic, he joked: “I have not even sold dusting powder before [to consider cocaine].”

Jojo played the lustful and gluttonous Pastor Abraham on the popular Ghanaian television series ‘Efiewura’. His absence from the local movie scene coincided with the rumour he addressed.


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