Nana Clark whacked her with a club-Report indicate



Nana Clark and Michael Darko are facing trial for the death of Georgina Botchwey

Nana Clark and Michael Darko are facing trial for the death of Georgina Botchwey


Details of the brutal murder of a 25-year-old woman by two guys in Mankessim in Ghana’s Central Region are emerging.

The body of Georgina Asor Botchwey was excavated from the residence of Nana Onyaa Clark, the Tufuhene of Akwakrom, who is now accused of murder together with Michael Darko, the fiancé of the deceased’s sister.


Georgina traveled from Yeji to Kumasi to attend an admission interview at the Ankarful Nursing Training School, and it is reported that Darko asked to meet up with her there.


On September 9, 2022, when Georgina finished her interview, Darko and Nana Clark picked her up in a taxi.

They then made their way to the location where the chief had parked his Mercedes Benz, which was registered GT 8686 C.

When their victim arrived at Nana Clark’s flat in Akwakrom, the two confiscated her phone and locked her up in a room before sending her there.


Later, they traveled to Sikafoambantem, a nearby suburb of Mankessim, where the chief owned another structure, and they excavated a hole in the unfinished structure.


When they returned, they went back to Akwakrom Sikafoambantem and picked up their victim. The young woman is then alleged to have been struck by Nana Clark with a club while Darko held her neck till she passed away.


After shaving her, they buried her in the hole they had created.


This new report describes the accused’ killing confessions.

The defendants who have admitted to killing the victim for ceremonial reasons now explain how they carried out their plot in this new report.

On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the suspects who have been remanded in custody are scheduled to reappear.


They are accused of conspiring to commit murder and committing the offense in violation of section 46 of the Criminal and Offenses Acts of 1980, Act 29.


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Nana Clark whacked her with a club-Report indicate 4

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