My husband’s too busy to manage me- Ceccy Twum

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Ghanaian Gospel music star Cece Twum stating that she finds nothing wrong with an artiste being managed by their spouse has disclosed it is not the case for her because he husband is simply too busy.

Ms Twum was on Accra-based Hitz FM when she was asked about female Gospel musicians being managed by their husbands.

“It’s cool. So far as you all agree to work with each other, it’s fine,” she responded.

However, “my husband for instance, he doesn’t even have that time to be following me around,” she shared.

“I move a lot and he’s also been travelling to go preach here and there,” the ‘Your Grace’ hitmaker added. “Imagine having a programme, is he going to leave his work and then follow me?”

“It’s not going to happen,” she concluded.

Cece Twum famously married at 19 and is in her 23rd year of marriage to husband Prophet Alex Twum of Word Vision Chapel International, Ghana.

Management of female musicians has for a while been a controversial subject.

Some pundits and members of the public hold that it is impossible to manage a female music act without an amorous connection. Due to this, some female musicians prefer their boyfriends or husbands being their manager to avoidthe presumed sexual temptation or harassment.

On the influence of a spouse, especially a husband on an artiste also, some pundits have advised female musicians to desist from using their husbands’ last names as their professional moniker since, should there be a rift or divorce, they will be in a fix as to whether to maintain the name or change it, risking the tasking work of rebranding.


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