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“Mmore koko” getting babies drunk – GHS warns parent

Some parents are getting their children drunk with ‘mmore koko’ – GHS Nutritionist reveals

The Greater Accra Regional Nutritional Officer of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Faustina Vimariba Tour has disclosed that some parents get children drunk by feeding them with local pudding made from fermented corn dough.

Speaking to Starr reporters on the sidelines of a media workshop for journalists organized by UNICEF and Mahogany Consult, she said this goes on to affect the feeding of children.

“Some people will give only ‘Mori Koko’ and sometimes they over ferment the ‘Mori Koko’ which is the maize porridge and it becomes alcohol.

“So, when you feed the child with it, it means that the child ends up getting drunk because it is the alcohol you have given to the child, and when the child sleeps, the child will miss the number of times that they’re supposed to feed,” Madam Faustina Vimariba Tour shared.

According to the nutritionist, although the alcohol levels in the puddings given to children are unknown for certain, parents must be cautious and ensure children are only fed puddings that are fortified.

He said the continuous intake of pudding made from fermented corn dough can affect the brain development of the child due to the alcoholic content.

“We cannot really tell the alcohol percentage but alcohol is not good for the brain development of the child so it has some effects. If it’s something they like, it should be fortified by adding other things to make it rich. Fortify it with groundnut paste, soya, etc. Also, it shouldn’t be very light but should be thick and friendly for the child. Three to four spoons is enough,” Faustina Vimariba Tour added.

The UNICEF and Mahogany Consult media workshop was to equip media workers with information to support the reportage on nutrition and nurturing care.


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