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Missing Lands Commission staff: TAs slept in Dr Aggrey’s house with kids only – TA tells court

By Caleb Qwofi Right Apr27,2022

Missing Lands Commission staff: TAs slept in Dr Aggrey’s house with kids only – TA tells court 3

A former Teaching Assistant (TA) at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Isaac Ofei Asiamah in his testimony, has contradicted claims by Dr Wilberforce Aggrey, a senior lecturer who has been accused of kidnapping his wife, Rhodaline Darko that, he slept at home on the night of his wife’s disappearance.

Dr Aggrey had noted in his statement to the Police that on the day his wife disappeared, Monday, 30 August 2021, he slept at home with his children and the teaching assistants.

The first witness in the case, the former TA told the court on Tuesday, 26 April 2022 that only the TAs and the children slept in the couple’s home on that fateful day.

The senior lands commission staff, Rhodaline Amoah-Darko allegedly disappeared on Monday, 30 August 2021.

However, her husband made a report to the Police about her disappearance on Thursday, 2 September 2021.

The case has since been adjourned to Friday, 6 May 2022.

The Attorney General (AG) has taken over the case in which the KNUST lecturer is being prosecuted for the disappearance of his wife.

The Lecturer has been accused of the deceit of a public officer and kidnapping his wife.

Two suspects were arrested in connection with her disappearance, Yaw Boateng, who sold the land commission staff’s phone and Justice Appiah, who bought the phone.

The High Court in Kumasi granted Justice Appiah, one of the suspects arraigned in connection with the disappearance of Rhodaline Amoah-Darko, a staff of the Lands Commission, bail.

The suspect was granted bail on Tuesday, 22 March 2022.

The suspect allegedly bought the missing Lands Commission staff’s stolen phone from one Yaw Boateng in Kumasi.

The court, therefore, issued a bench warrant for the two.

According to the police, the KNUST lecturer was invited for interrogation following incoherent statements he made when his wife went missing on Monday, 30 August 2021.

The husband made a report to the police on Thursday, 2 September 2021 after the wife allegedly left home at Gyenyase in Kumasi and did not return.

Per police investigations, communication from the KNUST lecturer’s phone reporting the incident to family members and that from the alleged kidnappers using the missing lady’s phone to demand a ransom were from the same location close to the residence of the couple.

The prosecutor for the case told the court that the lecturer had admitted to sending messages from the wife’s phone under threats from the alleged kidnappers that his family would be harmed if he failed to do so.

He revealed that the messages that had been sent from Mrs Aggrey’s phone to her husband’s phone and later from her husband’s phone to relatives were all sent from the same location near the couple’s residence, according to their investigations.

He further revealed that the lecturer explained that he had to send his wife to a location near Volta Lake to ensure her safety.

The Lands Commission staff left home for Sunyani on Monday, 30 August 2021 and has since not been found, her family disclosed in a statement following her disappearance.


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Missing Lands Commission staff: TAs slept in Dr Aggrey’s house with kids only – TA tells court 4

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