Meet the Ghanaian who recycle Plastics waste into building Materials(Photos)

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Ghanaians are making differences day in day out and it is super amazing.Talents in Africa countries are mostly taken for granted and most them are nearly left do it own their own.The Risk involved is worth the result in most of this milestone breakthrough.

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Nelson Boateng; is a Ghanaian eco-entrepreneur, who is leading the way in the secondary usage of plastic waste. He is the founder of Nelplast Eco Ghana Limited, a plastics recycling company that transforms plastic waste into building materials. Unlike many who recycle plastic waste into bags or other handy products, Nelson uses plastics as ‘concrete’ to build roads and houses. After his secondary education, he didn’t move straight into any tertiary institution but decided to work for some time. He got a job in a plastic company that made polythene bags, plastic bowls, rubber buckets, among others. That was the unpopular yet rewarding move Nelson made. Nelson, as industrious as he has always been, worked with the company for eight years and rose to become the manager. While managing the plastic company, a situation arose between the owners of the company that eventually led to its dissolution. But for someone who has been interested in entrepreneurship since age 14, it became an opportunity for him to set the stage for his dreams to become a reality. Nelson decided not to enter any industry other than the one he already knew—plastics. He set up Nelplast Ghana Eco Limited in 2014 He began reading and researching what other things plastics can be used for that will be friendly to the environment. That was when he came up with a unique paste which is a mixture of sand and plastics to make bricks. Now having discovered what he wants to do, he moved straight into it, and that was the beginning of his to use plastics to build houses and roads. Driven by the motivation to preserve the environment, Nelson came up with an idea that would be more sustainable and usable in such a way that it will not cause further pollution. The 36-year-old began the initiative between 2015 and 2016 when there was fierce media debate on the need to ban plastic waste so as to make the city clean.

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Meet the Ghanaian who recycle Plastics waste into building Materials(Photos) 4

He set up a bricks manufacturing center that converts plastic waste into blocks for building. The bricks, Nelson explained, are not made with mortar and have the ability to withstand earthquakes or tremors. According to him, the plastic blocks could also be used as foundation bricks in waterlogging or salty areas. Boateng revealed that he used some 13,400 kilos of plastic waste collected from gutters and beaches in the country to build a house. Indeed, it is regarded as the first house to be constructed using plastic waste in Ghana. In 2020, he was named alongside the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, President Akufo Addo and others as the Top 50 African Disruptors .

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