‘Meet me at the FPU’ – Junior police officer challenges the chief of police

'Meet me at the FPU' – Junior police officer challenges the chief of police 4

In a social media video that has gone viral, a junior member of the Ghana Police Service is seen openly denigrating a senior member of the force who at least has the rank of Chief Superintendent of Police.

The junior cop, who identified himself as a Formed Police Unit (FPU) member, can be seen violently resisting the superior officer’s directives in the aforementioned video.

Since he had not been sent on the mission, he even disregarded the senior officer’s order to give the police his police service number and requested that they meet him at the FBU.

Meet me at FBU, please. When the commander asked for his Police service number, the man replied, “You weren’t the one who brought me here.

“You’re disgracing yourself. You come to meet us trying to arrest a thief and you are giving us all these commands,” the FPU officer further stated in Twi.

The Police Commander scolded the commanding Sergeant for the behavior of the younger officer while maintaining his composure.

He then instructed the Sergeant on how to carry out the operation.

The junior officer, however, was guaranteed to be dealt with, and he added, “If you know what will happen to you, you will keep quiet.”

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'Meet me at the FPU' – Junior police officer challenges the chief of police 5

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