Measles in children can lead to death – Pediatrician

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A Pediatrician with the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Nelly Adade has disclosed that Measles in children can lead to death if not treated.

Measles has been one of the deadly childhood killer diseases in children which are viral infection.

According to Pediatrics, vaccination and education on measles over the years have drastically reduced the number of cases recorded in Ghana.

“Measles can get into the brain of children causing damage, severe diarrhoea which can result in a child dehydrated leading to kidney damage if not treated”, she added.

She went on to say, although children are at a higher vulnerability to this disease because of their low immune system, pregnant women are also at risk.

She indicated that if a pregnant woman contracts measles and is left untreated, she may have premature birth, giving birth to a child with a smaller head and other complications during or after birth.

She disclosed that vaccination is the first and primary measure against measles, practicing hand hygiene, and coughing etiquette will help prevent the spread of measles.

Madam Adade urged all parents to take their children for weighing after birth to get their children to get vaccinated against measles.


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Measles in children can lead to death – Pediatrician 3

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