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Man Blames The Devil After He Was Arrested For Raping And Impregnating His 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter

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According to reports, the Juvenile Welfare Centre (JWC) of the State CID in Omuo-Ekiti has detained a man by the name of Ojo Babatunde for allegedly raping and impregnating his own daughter.

It was claimed that the crime occurred on Friday, July 22, 2022, and that the suspect had repeatedly had extramarital relations with the victim until she ultimately became pregnant.

Abutu DSP In a statement issued on Wednesday, July 27, the police command’s spokesperson stated that the victim, who is already four months pregnant, claimed that the suspect, Ojo Babatunde, who is also her stepfather, had multiple instances of unlawful carnal knowledge with her before and after she became pregnant.

According to the statement, the suspect started acting out after the victim and he were left at home while the mother of his stepdaughter was admitted to the hospital for three weeks following a Caesarean birth.

According to reports, the culprit lured the woman into the farm where he repeatedly raped her, defiled her, and threatened to kill her if she complained to anybody.

The suspect, who had been detained, admitted to the crime after being questioned and said that the devil was responsible for his conduct.

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