Mahama Is A Weak Leader – Nana Akomea

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Mahama Is A Weak Leader - Nana Akomea 4

Chief Executive Officer of the State Transport Corporation (STC), Nana Akomea, has slammed Ex-President John Dramani Mahama over his recent comments when he met with the US Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The former President, speaking at the Bentley University over the weekend, challenged the integrity of the Judiciary and made further remarks about President Nana Akufo-Addo’s administration.

“We do have problems with the Judiciary, I must say. I think that it is necessary for some internal reforms to take place there. It is necessary for the Chief Justice or whoever is responsible to make some reforms.

“Most of the governance institutions have been politicised. I give the example of the Judiciary. It is only in Ghana that a Supreme Court will make a decision that a birth certificate is not proof of citizenship,” he said.

Undisclosed Location

Touching on the 2020 elections, Mr. Mahama also highlighted what he considered as anomalies in the elections which, to him, affected the results.

“We went to court for many reasons, one, because of the many anomalies in the results.

“The Electoral Commissioner went to an unknown location and declared the election results from there and after she declared the results and the results didn’t tally, she came and changed the results and changed, we don’t know how many multiple times. That was an issue that we had to deal with,” he stated.

Unsanctioned Printing

He further accused the EC of printing unsanctioned ballot papers which was discovered by their agents. 

“When he (agent) asked why they were printing extra ballot papers, they said the EC had asked them to print. Out of frustration, they said they were doing that in case there was a second round. But seven people will not go for second round. Ballot papers for a second round is only for two people, the top two. No proper explanation on why those ballot papers were printed was given.

“Some of the people were seen later carrying ballot papers and we reported them to the police. Up till date, nobody has been charged or prosecuted for carrying those extra ballot papers.” 

“These are the things that happened in the elections and so we thought the elections weren’t free and fair and so we went to the Supreme Court. One, to test our legal right and then second, to also calm the atmosphere,” he added.

Weak Leader

Reacting to the comments, Nana Akomea described Mr. Mahama as a weak leader in the NDC.

He noted that the former President has already set a bad record and, by his track record, nothing he says is believable.

On his criticisms about the Judiciary, Nana Akomea made reference to the era of Mr. John Mahama as President of Ghana where he appointed Justices, asking if he, by his comments regarding the Judiciary, would also accept that the Justices he appointed were biased in his favor.

He lambasted the Ex-President saying ”he seems to be the strongest politician in the NDC but, at the same time when it comes to the elections, he is also their weakest leader simply because he has a track record…And we know that track record has been rejected twice by the Ghanaian electorate. In fact, when he was sitting as President, the rejection was bigger”.

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