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Kenyans Boycott KFC +Video

By Jan5,2022 #Kenyan #KFC

Kenyans have expressed their displeasure in how KFC have disrespected their Potatoes Farmers Association. A tweet by KFC as shown below dated Jan 3 ,2022.

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Kenyans Boycott KFC +Video 3

According to the potatoes farmers,they do not understand why they have more stocks to which some are sold cheap to prevent spoilage but KFC do not want to patronize their farm produces.

This is the response that KFC gave to the farmers

The reason we cannot buy local at the moment is all suppliers need to go through Quality Approval process and we cannot bypass that even if we run out to ensure that our food is safe for consumption by consumers


Kenyans feels disrespected because they don’t understand why they don’t consume KFC but the company do not want to buy from them.Below is the full video with details posted by Gabby

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Kenyans Boycott KFC +Video 4

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