I’m going to organize a big protest against my own government because of Gyato-NPP’s Hopeson Adorye

hopeson adoye wins kpone katamanso 1
hopeson adoye wins kpone katamanso 1
I'm going to organize a big protest against my own government because of Gyato-NPP’s Hopeson Adorye 4

Hopeson Adorye, a prominent NPP member, has vowed to organize a protest against the person accused of being behind the recent brutality towards Ideal College students and staff.
Hopeson Adorye claims that there is good reason to doubt Mr. Clement Gyato’s actions, who is alleged to have invaded the school with men in police uniform and suspected land guards to destroy an assembly hall that was being built.
“I’m heading here to set up a protest. He yelled on Asempa FM’s Ekosiisen program, “If Clement Gyato is a man, he should enter the land again.

Hopeson Adorye, who was furious, claimed that Clement Gyato’s actions had put a burden on the current administration since he was allegedly going around illegally razing the homes of Ghanaian citizens while pretending to be reclaiming public land.
To the best of his knowledge, according to Hopeson Adorye, Gyato lacks such legitimate authority and instead abuses the government for personal benefit at the expense of defenseless individuals.
Therefore, he requested that the president, the inspector general of police, and the minister for lands and natural resources look into Gyato’s actions and prosecute him.

“This guy, I’m going to rebel against my own country over this if Samuel Abu Jinapor doesn’t get fired. We cannot allow this lunacy to win, he raged.

The director of Ideal College reportedly attempted to question the alleged land guards during the demolition on Thursday. Ideal College has now claimed that the interview was an illegal exercise.
Some pupils were interested in the incident when the director was supposedly attacked by the enraged land guards during the process.
A total of 23 students suffered injuries of varying severity after joining the group of students who rushed to the director’s aid.

Following the tragedy, some Mempeasem residents—where Ideal College is located—have claimed that Clement Gyato’s actions have also subjected them to similar atrocities.
A victim who spoke on “Ekosii Sen” claimed that Gyato and his men unlawfully took possession of his legally bought land, causing him to lose both his 20+ year-old bakery and a four-bedroom home.
The victims claimed that, in spite of the state allegedly seizing their properties, new private owners were invariably given the properties as soon as they were booted off.

“They will painfully remove you, and within two days the ground will be covered in fence walls. In the interim, we have legitimate land titles and documentation,” the victim said.

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I'm going to organize a big protest against my own government because of Gyato-NPP’s Hopeson Adorye 5

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