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Ghanaians will regret it if they don’t support National Cathedral project – Apostle Amoako Atta

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Founder and General Overseer of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel International, Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta, has warned that Ghanaians will come to regret their inaction regarding President Akufo-Addo’s National Cathedral project.

According to the Apostle, the president’s idea is a laudable one that will unleash heavenly favour and supernatural growth on the country.

“The cathedral will be the center of religious tourism in Africa. If Ghanaians don’t support the project, foreign investors will take over the building and management of the holy building, and Ghanaians will have to pay to get in”, he said. This, he hinted, will make Ghanaians remorseful if they don’t support the project.

Known in religious circles as the “Practical Strategic Preacher,” the Life Coach made the declaration on Friday in an interview with Speaker Nana Fianko, host of Atinka TV’s flagship current affairs show, “The Agenda.”

He was proud of the judges who gave up their homes without a second thought so that the historical monument could be built. This action, he mentioned, has touched the Lord’s heart and would make him shine His face upon the nation’s judiciary. He added that the cathedral is well located for its purpose.

Reacting to criticisms about the project, Apostle Amoako-Attah opined that the naysayers lack sufficient knowledge of how God works and are blind to the economic and spiritual significance of the project to the country, the sub-region, and Africa at large. He asked the President and the National Cathedral Secretariat to stay strong and focus on the job at hand for God and country.

Nevertheless, Apostle Amoako-Attah bemoaned the slow pace of the building project.

According to him, the fact that, the project is barely at the foundation three years after the fundraising is an eyesore and leaves a lot to be desired.


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