Doctors Accept Rural Areas Posting- Nana Addo


Doctors Accept Rural Areas Posting- Nana Addo 3

President Nana Addo served as the Guest Speaker for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the University of Ghana Medical School on Friday March 25, in Accra.In his speech he appealed to the newly doctors to accept posting at the rural areas.

He said We currently do not have the right number of doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals with the right mix of skills and expertise in our regions, districts and deprived communities especially for the new-created regions and districts.

“The news of doctors refusing postings to these areas is particularly distressing. I encourage all medical practitioners to follow the warning example of your great fore bearers who readily accepted postings in their early years at a time when the national infrastructure was even more harrowing than it is today.

“They did so because they believe the oath they took imposed a duty on them to offer their services especially to the most needy. It was their work that helped build the nationwide health system for which we are all benefiting.”

Good health is fundamental, the president said adding that t is the reason access to quality healthcare is a right that is enshrined in the constitution.

“This constitutional right can best materialized if health institutions like the University of Ghana Medical School , nursing training schools, and other allied health training institutions produce the required numbers of competent personnel who enjoy the confidence of the population.

“it is on this basis I believe that the theme for this celebration ‘ Building 60 years of quality medical education, the role of technology’ is so apt in the times in which we find ourselves.

“Many of us here are aware of the commitments made by the government since January 2017 when I took office in the areas of education, health and technology.

“Over the last five years we have pursued policies in these sectors of national life to improve this quality and help place our nation on the path of sustained development progress and prosperity.”

“This commitment to improving our healthcare system is evident in the Agenda 111 initiative. This project will provide 111 standard 100-bed district hospitals with accommodation for doctors and nurses in districts without district hospitals , six new regional hospitals for each of the six new regions, rehabilitate the Efia Nkwanta hospital in the Western Region , one new regional hospital for the Western Region and three psychiatry hospitals for each of the three zones of the country ie. the North, Middle and the Coastal. The entire package at an estimated cost of US$1.765billion,” he said.

He added ” Such a development will help make Ghana a center of medical excellence and a preferred destination for medical tourism in West Africa. A great deal of the preparatory work for the execution of this ambitious project has been completed. It is my determination that the entire project will be completed before I leave office on 7th January 2025.”

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Doctors Accept Rural Areas Posting- Nana Addo 4

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