Cheddar explains why he keeps two tigers at home

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Ghanaian business tycoon, Freedom Jacob Caesar has revealed how much it cost him to bring two 7months old tigers to Ghana.

Speaking in a recent interview on TV3, Freedom explained that he bought the wild animals after winning a bid between Ghana and Dubai.

After these residents of Wonder World Estates, Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, cried foul over Cheddar’s decision to house two tigers at his residence, the business mogul, otherwise known as Nana Kwame Bediako has defended his action, stressing that he did not intend to cause harm, rather, he targeted at promoting tourism.

He told the media, Thursday, that he went through the right process to acquire the seven-month-old tigers and has already invested over $100,000 in their upkeep.

“I have two tigers that I bought on (in) a bid between Ghana and Dubai of which I was the representative of the private sector that had initiated an interest in purchasing these animals,” he said.

“I went in to buy these animals to add to the value of tourism in our country I wanted to go into the Safari world by making sure that Ghana becomes the first country in the whole of West Africa, East Africa and Central Africa except for South Africa that has these animals. We wanted to be the first to have it, so I went in for the male and female version of it,” Mr. Bediako added.

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