Boakye Agyarko cautions NPP NC over dates for Presidential and Parliament primaries

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A former Minister for Energy and NPP Flag-bearer hopeful Boakye Agyarko has expressed concern about the manner in which the party’s leadership is going about the date for both Presidential and Parliamentary primaries for the 2024 General Elections.

According to him, the National Council which is the second highest decision-making body of the party met on Friday, 23rd December 2022, without a hitherto agenda and undertook what he described as age-old gymnastics of when to hold the various primaries to select candidates.

Boakye Agyarko noted in an opinion piece that “Right after the meeting, and even before an official communique could be issued, a private media outlet, an al-Ahram of some sort, publishes a program with specific dates and timelines for the upcoming primaries not speculatively, but in a matter-of-fact fashion.”

“The Party has since issued a statement to the effect that no such decisions were taken as reported,” he said.

“Why such a brazen audacity to deceive? One may only surmise that it amounts to nothing more than a nefarious attempt either to impose a narrow will on a silent majority or in a usual style, “mafia” some people to their detriment and an undeserved advantage of others.

“So here we are in 2023, and like the bourbons, we learnt nothing, so we forgot nothing, and are
therefore, back to this unwholesome, circular argument, largely driven by inordinate and unbridled narrow ambitions.

“I hear in my mind’s ears, the argument of granting ourselves some flexibility in the language of
our party’s constitution. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter and our disposition has already
been to misuse our discretion to the detriment of those we perceive to be our internal opponents.

“It is better to be put into constitutional structures and only relax them by special resolutions as
and when the matter becomes self-evident, and not vice versa. For those who have made it their game to “mafia” opponents, both at the parliamentary and presidential primaries, they ought to think hard and pin their eyes on the lessons of history and our own track record- a record that firmly resists ossified dictatorship and…

“Our elders say, “sɛ wo tietia obi deɛ so hwehwɛ wo deɛ a, wo renhunu”, to wit, if you trample on
what belongs to others in search of what may legitimately be yours, you will never find it.

“It is also said that “those who destroy others to succeed will surely meet destruction at the gate of their own


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Boakye Agyarko cautions NPP NC over dates for Presidential and Parliament primaries 3

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