Black Sherif’s song “Kwaku The Traveler” is once more promoted by DJ Khaled

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Black Sherif's song "Kwaku The Traveler" is once more promoted by DJ Khaled 4

On his Instagram page, the American DJ, record executive, author, and producer DJ Khaled has once again given the song “Kwaku The Traveller” by Black Sherif his support.

He has “promoted” the song for the second time in a week.

His most recent post shows him and another traveler singing along to the music as they drive to the airport. For a show, he is making the trip from America to Canada.

In the one-minute and 19-second long video, he can be seen shaking his head and gesturing at various points in response to the song’s lyrics.

He used many Ghana flag emojis in the caption and tagged Blacko with the phrase “BIG CHUNE.”

The legendary Hollywood figure shared minute-long video footage of Black Sherif singing the massive hit song in an unidentified room in an earlier post, using the fire emoji to convey his feelings.

Blacko, with matching white clothing and white headgear, was seen having fun while wearing his distinctive necklace and earrings.

Khaled encouraged listeners to “keep going,” calling the song “Music that touches your spirit.”

Many Ghanaians responded to the post after realizing the significance of Khaled’s endorsement for the Ghanaian’s professional future.

Blacko, who had established his brand with “First Sermon” and “Second Sermon,” soared after playing “Kwaku The Traveller” at the 5th edition of the 3Music Awards. Users literally took over the country’s social media platforms by sharing his performance on their accounts.

His “rain act” inspired a social media challenge, with numerous people copying what happened on stage.

Later, he uploaded the song, which has since received over twelve million views on YouTube and over eight million views of its original video.

The song, which has an excellent melody and a well-crafted plot about a young guy on a lifelong quest for greatness, has topped several charts since it was released.

Watch Khaled’s post below:

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Black Sherif's song "Kwaku The Traveler" is once more promoted by DJ Khaled 5

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