Because of how bad Ghana’s economy is, we are suffering-Ekow Smith Asante

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Ekow Smith Asante, a well-known Ghanaian actor, television personality, and businessman, has noted that the country’s economy is currently in worse shape than it was when he was actively pursuing his acting career in earlier years.

The actor, who has spent many years living in the United States, has also claimed that the Akufo-Addo administration’s present policies have caused a lot of people, including him, to suffer.

“They compensated us in accordance with the state of the economy at the time. It would be alright if you handled it well. When asked how much he made when he was fully committed to acting and whether the money he received was sufficient for him, he disclosed this in an interview with Kingdom FM.

He said that the compensation he earned for the roles he played in numerous films was in line with the state of the economy at the time.

“The economy back then was stronger than it is now. We are all aware that the economy is poor, whether Akufo-Addo is the person saying it or not. We are in pain. When questioned if the economy at the time was stable, Ekow Smith answered that it was based on the payment he received for his acting work.

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