Akwamufie orders destoolement of Sakyikrom Hemaa for installing a new Chief

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The Judicial Committee of the Akwamu Traditional Council in the Eastern Region has ordered the destoolment of Nana Agyakwabia Akyeampomaa II, Queen Mother of Sakyikrom, near Nsawam, for gross misconduct and attempting to install another chief at Sakyikrom while the substantive is still alive and has not been destooled.

The Council also imposed a fine of 20,000 Ghana Cedis [GH¢20,000.00] on Nana Agyakwabia Akyeampomaa II.

The Council has given Sakyikrom’s queen makers 30 days from the date of its decision, Thursday, January 19, 2023, to ensure the queen mother is destooled.

Speaking on the matter, Nana Asante Korie-Sakyikrom Apagyahene stated that what the queen-mother did was sacrilege and must be dealt with accordingly.

He characterised the situation as an insult to traditional authority, claiming that the new so-called chief is not recognised by traditional authority.

“You cannot install a new chief when there is already one on the throne. That is both unacceptable and insulting. It goes against the people’s traditions. You are not even qualified to appoint a new chief.”

He explained that the incumbent chief is currently out of the jurisdiction, attending to his health and that even if he has overstayed, there are procedures in place to have him removed and a new chief installed.

He further alleged that the queen-mother in question invoked curses on his superior authorities, which went against her own rules against the invocation of curses.

“She is no longer out queenmother. She has been destooled with immediate effect. We are appealing to Ghanaians that she is no longer the queen-mother. Nobody should recognise her as the queen-mother.”

Meanwhile, preparations are underway to install a new queen-mother, he revealed.


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Akwamufie orders destoolement of Sakyikrom Hemaa for installing a new Chief 3

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