Accra’s ‘biggest death trap’abandoned 17-storey building

Accra’s ‘biggest death trap’abandoned 17-storey building 8

The La Beach Skyscrapers, three 18 (ground plus 17) storey towers located on the Accra coast, were created as a novel and distinctive concept in beachside residential housing.

The project, which was co-owned by the late J. B. Danquah-Adu, Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, is alleged to have been put on hold following the legislator’s horrifyingly unexpected death in February 2016.

Years later, the structure has been referred to as a death trap that poses a serious threat to Accra’s landscape.

Additionally, there have been a lot of unconfirmed reports of eerie encounters at the construction site.

In an attempt to get a closer view of the building and understand some of the stories that have been told of the high-rise building, Kofi Adoma of KOFI TV and KOFI Radio, visited the building and captured scenes that show how much of a death trap the building poses.

With images shared on his social media handles, it shows the extent of damages caused to metallic equipment and tools abandoned in the building, badly rusted away.

This is also due to the fact that the building is located right on the coast, a situation that has compounded the rusting of tools in the building.

“From its position (close to the sea), building materials like iron rods, metals and others that are exposed to the breeze of the sea keep wearing off and corroding, and that makes the building weak and a death trap,” a caption on KOFI TV’s Facebook page read.

The caption also alleged that there have been deaths recorded at the site of the building, with residents living in fear that the edifice is haunted.

“Lot of deaths have been recorded from this place, residents living around this place say they are being haunted by the spirits of people who died there as workers or by accident,” it added.

But the biggest concern of the broadcaster is with how much a threat this abandoned building poses to the communities around it and its people.

“From afar, it’s just an abandoned building left to rot. From a closer look or view, this building is a death trap awaiting for its big swallow before action is taken,” the caption concluded.

It is unclear what authorities intend to do about this building, or what the way forward for the project will be but one thing is clear, the longer it remains abandoned, the more threatening it could be, especially considering its position.

Below are photos from the inside of the building, as well as a video that shows the extent of damage caused to the project:


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Accra’s ‘biggest death trap’abandoned 17-storey building 9

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