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UGMC Takes Steps to Reduce Cost of Kidney Transplants in Ghana

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Barbara Owusu-Hemeng, the Media Affairs Manager of the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC), recently announced plans to make kidney transplants more accessible and affordable for citizens. Following the successful execution of six transplants last month, UGMC aims to alleviate the financial burden on patients seeking life-saving kidney transplants.

Living Donor Transplants and Family Support

Most of the donors for the initial six patients were close family members or acquaintances. Currently, UGMC focuses exclusively on living donor transplants, as they do not yet have an organ bank. This approach ensures that patients receive kidneys from compatible donors, increasing the chances of successful outcomes.

Cost Considerations

The average cost of a kidney transplant at UGMC currently stands at $25,000. However, the medical center is actively working to reduce this cost further, aiming to make it more affordable for the average citizen.

Rising Cases of Diabetes and Hypertension

Dr. Kwame Anim-Boamah, UGMC’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed concern about the increasing prevalence of diabetes and hypertension among young individuals in Ghana. These conditions significantly contribute to end-stage renal disease, emphasizing the importance of preventive measures and early treatment.

Dr. Anim-Boamah attributed the rising cases to various factors, including the misuse of herbal and over-the-counter medications. Educating the public about lifestyle choices, regular health check-ups, and adherence to prescribed treatments remains crucial in combating these diseases.

Recent Successes and Future Plans

Despite the challenges, UGMC has demonstrated its capabilities in complex surgical interventions and post-operative care. Last month, the center successfully performed six kidney transplants, with patients ranging from 25 to 54 years old. The Head of the Urology Department, Dr. Emmanuel Asante, praised the seamless execution of these procedures, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team.

Looking ahead, UGMC plans to perform two additional kidney transplants this month, further contributing to the well-being of Ghanaians in need of life-changing treatments.

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UGMC Takes Steps to Reduce Cost of Kidney Transplants in Ghana 4

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