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Afronita shared Abigail’s slot on BGT – “Family” talks

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Afronita shared Abigail's slot on BGT - "Family" talks 6

An intense and continuing feud between the Abigail and Afronita families has captivated internet users and turned them into the center of a stormy social media debate.

Afronita and her mother allegedly bullied Abigail and her mother, which caused a public outcry of both support and condemnation.

When rumours started spreading that Afronita is stuck in the UK because she can’t afford a plane back to Ghana, the dispute heated up even more.

The already complicated and emotionally heated issue has been further complicated by this disclosure.

Even Abigail’s American aunt has weighed in, speaking with Instagram blogger Tutugyagu about her thoughts.

According to her, Afronita snatched Abigail’s spot on Britain’s Got Talent, a show that can do wonders for a performer’s career.

According to this claim, Abigail and her family have been taken advantage of by Afronita and her mother.

To dispel any notions of vulnerability or financial hardship, Abigail’s aunt stressed that their family is not financially disadvantaged.

Respect and acknowledgment are required, she insisted, and she made Afronita and her mother pay heed to the part Abigail played in getting the chance to perform on the BGT stage.

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Afronita shared Abigail's slot on BGT - "Family" talks 10

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