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A friend admits that Yogot of Junka town was murdered (Video)

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A friend admits that Yogot of Junka town was murdered (Video) 3

Following the sad passing of Yogot of Junka town, tthere has been news that the individual suspected of being responsible for his death has turned himself in to the Ghana Police Service and is presently in custody.

According to one Uncle Sam, who is a movie director, the individual who confessed to killing Yogot is identified as Baba, who is also from Tarkoradi and a close friend of the late star.

He added that Yogot got into an altercation with someone who pledged to deal with him after pouring curses on him, and that was what eventually led to the death of the actor.

He said that Too Much, who is a brother to the late star, was home when policemen arrived to his house to advise him that someone had submitted themselves to the police for allegedly killing Yogot.

They raced to the police station and saw Baba behind bars, who pleaded that they give him two days to come out and talk about the matter.

According to the man telling what transpired, Baba was believed to be running into Ivory Coast after the death of Yogot but walked into a police station to report himself.

He was later taken to the central police station, where he is presently in the custody of the police, who maintained they had no case against him but rather kept him there for his safety.

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A friend admits that Yogot of Junka town was murdered (Video) 4

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