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Fella Makafui’s has stated that she bought her first land in 2016

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Fella Makafui’s has stated that she bought her first land in 2016 3

Contrary to the widespread belief that she would struggle post-separation from Medikal, Fella Makafui has confidently stated that she is “sorted” and has no concerns about her financial future. In an interview with Rashad on his Rash Hour show, the actress revealed that she has been prudent with her finances, investing in various properties and businesses over the years.

Fella Homes: The Quietly Successful Real Estate Venture

During the interview, Fella disclosed the existence of Fella Homes, her real estate venture. While the public is aware of some of her properties, she owns several others that she has chosen to keep private. Fella Homes has quietly thrived, showcasing her ability to navigate the real estate market successfully.

Beyond real estate, Fella Makafui is also an entrepreneur who manages businesses under the umbrella of the Fella Makafui Entrepreneurship Network. One of her notable ventures is Fella Wine & Supermarket, located in Accra. Although it faced controversies in the past, Fella’s determination and strategic approach have kept her business endeavors afloat .

In addition to her personal investments, Fella Makafui advocates for increased support and investment in the local film industry. She recognizes the crucial role that both fan engagement and financial backing play in driving the growth and sustainability of Ghanaian cinema.

Fella Makafui’s journey from that first land purchase in 2016 to her current financial stability serves as an inspiring example of foresight, determination, and smart investment choices. As she continues to build her empire, she encourages others to channel energy and resources into their own financial well-being and creative pursuits.

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Fella Makafui’s has stated that she bought her first land in 2016 4

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