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Missing Ghanaian/Takoradi Girl In Nigeria, Abigail Afiba Tandoh Murdered.

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Missing Ghanaian/Takoradi Girl In Nigeria, Abigail Afiba Tandoh Murdered. 3

Heart-wrenching revelations have emerged in the tragic case of Abigail Afiba Tandoh, a young Ghanaian girl, and her Nigerian friend Celine Chidinma Ndudim, who had gone missing under suspicious circumstances while they traveled to Nigeria to attend a friend’s wedding.

The wedding was later called off, leaving the two friends to embark on a trip to Aba where they never returned.
The somber latest information indicates that both girls have been found dead, indicating a horrific and sinister turn of events.

The distressing incident unfolded when a chilling video surfaced, revealing lifeless bodies within the premises of the alleged suspect, Andrew Amichi in Aba, Abia State.

Shockingly, one of the girls’ body was discovered with gruesome mutilation, as her head, legs, and hands were brutally removed, unveiling a macabre ordeal shed on the victims.

The male suspect, identified as the wealthy individual whom the girls intended to visit, was arrested and subsequently encountered an inexplicable demise while being transported to Abuja for further interrogation.

Speculations surrounding the suspect suggest his involvement in the heinous act of organ harvesting, proffering monetary enticements to lure the girls into his deadly trap.

Human rights activist, Harrison Guamshoe, who has been closely monitoring the case in Nigeria, confirmed the mysterious death of the suspect, compounding the already convoluted narrative shrouding the nefarious incident. Despite the families of Abigail and Celine’s relentless pursuit to locate their missing loved ones, the devastating discovery of their lifeless bodies has plunged both nations, Ghana and Nigeria into mourning and disbelief.

Amid mounting pressure and public outcry demanding justice, perplexing details have emerged regarding the culprit’s untimely death and purported affiliations with the Nigerian police force.

Expressions of shock and incredulity have reverberated through communities, questioning the circumstances surrounding Andrew’s demise en route to Abuja and his purported attempt to flee from custody.

Source: Daily Guide Ghana

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Missing Ghanaian/Takoradi Girl In Nigeria, Abigail Afiba Tandoh Murdered. 4

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