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Fella Makafui Reportedly Moves Out of Her Matrimonial Home

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Fella Makafui Reportedly Moves Out of Her Matrimonial Home 3

Reports circulating online suggest that Fella Makafui has vacated the residence she previously shared with her husband, Medikal, and their child. This revelation came to light through a Facebook post by media personality Caleb Nii Boye. In his post, Boye urged against baseless accusations towards Fella’s mother, emphasizing the need to refrain from accusing her of practicing juju in her daughter’s matrimonial home. “Fella has packed out of the house, but manners who see her mum and accuse her of doing juju in her in-law’s house should stop it. Not cool,” his post read.

Additionally, footage depicting a sizable truck stationed outside the property, presumably to transport belongings, has surfaced across various blogs. Prior to this development, the living arrangements of Fella and Medikal during their divorce proceedings ignited further controversy. Allegedly, Medikal insisted that Fella’s cousin, who had resided in the house for over two years, vacate the premises, further fueling their disagreement. Fella, in response, has involved the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to investigate Medikal, escalating their conflict.

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Fella Makafui Reportedly Moves Out of Her Matrimonial Home 4

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