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DWP Academy Bids Farewell to Star Dancer Afronitaaa

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DWP Academy Bids Farewell to Star Dancer Afronitaaa 4

Dance With A Purpose (DWP) Academy announced today that star dancer Afronitaaa has moved on to pursue her own solo career. The news comes after Afronitaaa spent six years with the Academy, rising to become one of its most popular and successful dancers.In a statement, DWP Academy said that it was a “tough decision” to let Afronitaaa go, but that her move was in line with the Academy’s mission “to build brands out of all the young and gifted personalities that join the family.”The statement continued: “Afronitaaa joined DWP in 2018, at the age of 14. She successfully combines dance and education and succeeds at both to the admiration of many. Today, we are all witnesses to the tremendous transformation DWP has had in her life and artistic career. She, together with the many talented members of the DWP family have changed the narrative around professional dancing in Ghana and beyond.”Afronitaaa’s move is not the first and will certainly not be the last.

DWP Academy Bids Farewell to Star Dancer Afronitaaa 5

Indeed, an opportunity like this affirms our slogan; “Find Your Purpose and Live it.”DWP is committed to unearthing talents, nurturing them and building strong personalities and brands that can thrive individually and as a group.We will continue to focus on our core family values including honesty, respect, compassion and responsibility.We believe the sky is big enough to allow all of us space to shine as a group and also as individuals.Our doors are open to new talents in Ghana and beyond as we rollout our next biggest initiative this year.We encourage all our fans, corporate organisations, individuals and partners in Ghana and abroad to continue to support the dream of DWP so we can continue to nurture great talents.With Love, DWP Academy!Afronitaaa’s departure is sure to be a blow to DWP Academy, but it is also a testament to the Academy’s success in nurturing young talent. Afronitaaa is a talented dancer with a bright future ahead of her, and DWP Academy wishes her all the best in her new endeavors.The Academy is also looking to the future, and is committed to unearthing and nurturing new talent. With its focus on core family values and a dedication to helping dancers find their purpose, DWP Academy is sure to continue to be a leading force in the Ghanaian dance scene.

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DWP Academy Bids Farewell to Star Dancer Afronitaaa 6

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