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Rashida Black Beauty Exposes Prophet Prince Elisha

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Rashida Black Beauty Exposes Prophet Prince Elisha 3

Rashida Black Beauty, an antagonistic social media celebrity from the past, has accused Prophet Prince Elisha of twice sleeping with her and running away from her.
She claimed in a recent interview that the man of God gave her the finger and would not return her calls.

Rashida called him a hypocritical godly guy who tricks the church and has affairs with several women.

Listen to the interview that is provided below.

Following accusations against Pastor Prince Elisha, a conversation between Rashida Black Beauty and the pastor has been deleted.
What transpired between Pastor Prince Elisha and Rashida Black Beauty has been made clear.

A conversation between her and the pastor ended after she accused him of taking advantage of her.

She informed the pastor in the chat that she wouldn’t have accepted his invitation to assist her if she had known this would occur.

12 million old cedis, or 1,200 cedis, were paid, according to the chat.

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