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Global challenges require effective collaboration, diplomacy — Speaker Bagbin

Mr Alban Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament, says countries must continue to collaborate to find long-term solutions to the world’s socio-economic, environmental, and cultural challenges.

He argued that problems like poverty, inequality, terrorism, and climate change could all be resolved through collaboration and “effective diplomacy.”

Mr Bagbin, speaking at the launch of the International Relations and Diplomacy Network, Ghana (IRDN), underlined the importance of dialogue in resolving challenges and fostering an environment conducive to progress.

He said conflicts and simmering tensions on the global political landscape required expertise, “meaningful conversations” and the establishment of “solid” diplomatic ties.

Mr Bagbin cited the conflicts in Ukraine, the Sahel region, and Gaza, stating that the humanitarian needs of people in the affected areas must be met.

“The worsening situations in Ukraine, Sahel, and Gaza provide into the insight of war on global geo-political dynamics. The significant loss of lives, displacement of people and strained relationship affects, and continue to be a matter of concern to all nations and people in the world.

“Addressing the humanitarian needs and finding practical solutions are crucial priorities to mitigate the suffering of the affected populations,” he stated.

The Speaker envisaged “a world where everyone has an equal chance to prosper and make a positive contribution to society,” as the universe moved toward “inclusive global governance.”

“Together let us end poverty, empower women, close the digital divide and guarantee everyone success to high quality healthcare and education,” he said.

He described IRDN as a “bold initiative to leverage global cooperation for sustainable and inclusive development.”

The International Relations and Diplomacy Network was launched on the theme: “Towards A Better Equitable World.”

It brings together professionals, practitioners, and students of international relations and diplomacy who will use their expertise to influence global policies, initiatives and developments.

Mr Alban Bagbin, who was presented with a citation at the launch, urged the Network to support the government and key stakeholders to resolve conflict in parts of the country.

As the current President of the Conference of Speakers and Heads of Parliaments in Africa, he asked IRDN to contribute to the work of Parliament and support the mission of the Conference of Speakers.

Ambassador Dr Kodzo Akaba, Rector of the SALT institute, said IRDN will serve as a platform for positive change, share knowledge and foster partnerships that will help “shape the future.”

Prof Lord Mawuko-Yevugah, Convener and Patron, IRDN, said the community of scholars and practitioners will whip up public interest in matters of international relations.

“We are a democracy and there should be participation of the people in every aspect of government policy, so we need to create that space for people who understand international relations to engage government on what it does on our behalf on the international stage,” he said.

Other distinguished members of the Network were recognised for diverse contributions towards the establishment of the association, as well as the activities of the International Relations and Diplomacy faculty at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.


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Global challenges require effective collaboration, diplomacy — Speaker Bagbin 2

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