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High Court Dismisses Sexual Harassment Claims Against Former Bank CFO

Deborah Seyram Adablah

In a recent court ruling, the High Court in Accra has dismissed the sexual harassment claims brought against a former Chief Finance Officer of First Atlantic Bank, Ernest Kwasi Nimako. The plaintiff, Deborah Seyram Adablah, a former National Service Person (NSS) at the bank, had alleged that she was subjected to sexual advances and harassment by Nimako during her time at the bank.

The court, presided over by Justice Olivia Obeng Owusu, ruled that Adablah failed to provide sufficient evidence to support her claims. The court also noted that Adablah had admitted to having a consensual sexual relationship with Nimako, which undermined her allegations of sexual harassment.

In addition to dismissing the claims, the court also ordered Adablah to pay a cost of GH¢10,000 to the defendants.

Background to the Case

Adablah had filed the lawsuit against Nimako and First Atlantic Bank in January 2023. She alleged that Nimako had promised to help her with her career and finances in exchange for sexual favors. She also claimed that Nimako had made unwanted sexual advances towards her and had subjected her to verbal abuse.

The bank had denied the allegations and had filed a motion to strike out its name from the lawsuit. The court granted the bank’s motion in July 2023, leaving Nimako as the sole defendant.

Legal Experts Weigh In

Legal experts have expressed mixed reactions to the court’s ruling. Some experts have commended the court for its thorough and impartial assessment of the evidence. Others have expressed concern that the ruling may discourage victims of sexual harassment from coming forward.

“This is a setback for victims of sexual harassment,” said one legal expert. “The court’s ruling could send a message that victims will not be believed if they cannot provide concrete evidence of harassment.”

However, other experts have argued that the ruling is consistent with the legal principles surrounding sexual harassment.

“The court has set a high bar for proving sexual harassment,” said another legal expert. “This is necessary to protect employers from frivolous lawsuits.”

The Importance of Workplace Protections

The case of Deborah Seyram Adablah highlights the importance of workplace protections against sexual harassment. Employers have a responsibility to create a safe and respectful work environment for all employees. This includes taking steps to prevent sexual harassment, investigating complaints promptly and effectively, and taking appropriate disciplinary action against harassers.

Victims of sexual harassment should also be aware of their rights and resources. They should feel comfortable reporting harassment to their employers or to the appropriate authorities. They should also know that they have the right to seek legal action against their harassers.

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