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Girl, 22,dies in boyfriend’s room following an unsuccessful abortion

In Assin Nsuta, in the Assin South District of the Central Region, a 22-year-old hairdressing trainee passed away inexplicably in her boyfriend’s chamber.

Around 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 23, 2023, the regrettable incident occurred.

Maa Adwoa, also known as Mary Aidoo, died after extensive bleeding, according to reports and evidence acquired by Countryghana.

Her 27-year-old lover, Emmanuel Addo, gave her an illicit medicine to abort her two-month pregnancy in order to keep their marriage intact, which is what caused her unexpected death.

The body was kept in the room by the suspect, who is currently being held by the police as they assist with the investigation, until Friday afternoon at approximately 1 pm, when all of his roommates left the house to go about their daily lives, in order to hide the news from the townspeople.

When the suspect hired a taxi to transfer the victim to Assin Anyinabrim Health Center, he was directed to St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu, where the on-duty physician declared her dead. The suspect was accompanied by his closest confidante, who has been identified as Archimedes.

The defendant was encouraged to turn himself in to the police after realizing the seriousness of the violation and avoiding the full force of the law.

According to the source, the Police collected some tablets and empty pill wrappers from the suspect’s room throughout the course of the inquiry and preserved them as exhibits.

During a thorough search, pregnancy test kits and other drug shells were taken from the deceased chamber.

Although the case has not yet been filed in court, the suspect’s family and a few traditional leaders in the community have contacted the bereaved family in an attempt to resolve the situation outside of court. One of these leaders is an Asafoakye who goes by the stool name Nana Abena Darkoah and is running to be an assembly member for the Assin Nsuta electoral area.

According to the source, in order to persuade the relatives of the deceased that the suspect was detained and that the deceased was dead and would never return, they promised to pay for the funeral, the cost of the coffin, and some compensation during the negotiation.

A few members of the bereaved family, who appear to have consented to the terms, have requested that the agreement be documented in order to reduce the possibility of future miscommunication and dissatisfaction.

To ascertain the truth, the police of the Central North Regional Command have therefore opened an investigation.

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Girl, 22,dies in boyfriend's room following an unsuccessful abortion 2

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