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Today in History: The 1964 Flagstaff House Kitchen Brawl: President Nkrumah vs. Constable Ametewee, and How Supt. Dagarti Died

Today in History :On November 12, 1964, a Constable named Seth Nicholas Kwame Ametewee attempted to assassinate President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana at the Flagstaff House, the presidential residence. The assassination attempt failed, but it resulted in the death of Police Superintendent Salifu Dagarti, who shielded Nkrumah from Ametewee’s gunfire.

The assassination attempt took place as Nkrumah was returning to Christiansborg Castle for lunch after leaving his office at the Flagstaff House. Ametewee, who had only been transferred to Flagstaff House a day or two earlier, fired five shots at Nkrumah from behind some cover. Two of the shots hit Nkrumah’s shirt, but he was unharmed thanks to his bullet-proof vest.

After firing the shots, Ametewee chased Nkrumah into the kitchen of the Flagstaff House. Dagarti, who was with Nkrumah at the time, intervened and tried to disarm Ametewee. However, Ametewee clubbed Dagarti down with the butt of his rifle and then shot him three times. Dagarti died from his injuries.

Nkrumah managed to escape from the kitchen and run to safety. Ametewee was arrested and later tried and convicted of attempted murder. He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment.

The 1964 Flagstaff House Kitchen Brawl remains one of the most infamous events in Ghanaian history. It was a stark reminder of the dangers that Nkrumah faced as president of a newly independent country. It also highlighted the importance of the loyalty and dedication of his security personnel.

The role of Police Superintendent Salifu Dagarti

Superintendent Salifu Dagarti is a hero of Ghana. He saved the life of President Kwame Nkrumah by shielding him from Constable Ametewee’s gunfire. Dagarti was a British-trained Ghanaian veteran Police Officer who was highly respected for his professionalism and bravery.

Dagarti’s death was a great loss to Ghana. He was a dedicated public servant who was committed to protecting the president and the country. His sacrifice should never be forgotten.

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Today in History: The 1964 Flagstaff House Kitchen Brawl: President Nkrumah vs. Constable Ametewee, and How Supt. Dagarti Died 2

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