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Prof. Gyampo criticizes EC for their “poor and shoddy” results declaration in the NPP flagbearer election

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Prof. Gyampo criticizes EC for their "poor and shoddy" results declaration in the NPP flagbearer election 3

Professor Ransford Gyampo, a political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, has requested that the Electoral Commission (EC) announce election results in a straightforward and correct manner.

This comes after Dr. Serebour Quiacoo, the Director of Elections, made a mistake on Saturday, November 4, 2023, when announcing the results of the New Patriotic Party’s presidential primary.

The flagbearer-elect, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, was given the wrong percentage of 91% by Dr. Quaicoo, rather than the accurate 61%.

Additionally, he withheld the percentages received by the other contenders, revealing just Dr. Bawumia’s.

In a statement released on Sunday, Prof. Gyampo said: “Dr. Serebour Quiacoo handled yesterday’s Electoral Commission announcement of the results of the NPP flagbearer elections very poorly and shoddily. Even a basic computation and declaration of all the candidate percentages was beyond his capabilities. The EC needs to be transparent about the percentage of votes each candidate received. This can’t be left up to personal calculations.

“I’m still not sure why the Electoral Commission made mathematical errors when announcing the results. Is it not possible for the EC to declare results accurately? When they announced the election results in 2020, they made corrections more than five times. They reported 91% instead of 61% yesterday as well. Additionally, they were unable to provide a straightforward calculation of the remaining candidates’ percentages of votes. This never happened before.

Prof. Gyampo underlined once more that the public’s faith in the Commission is not bolstered by the EC’s persistent mathematical blunders.

“Aren’t institutions supposed to strive for continuous improvement? “Why should the EC Director of Elections tremble to the point of making mistakes just because very mortal party people are present?” he asked.

Thus, the political science lecturer urged organizations to rise above the shortcomings of individuals and pursue excellence.

Read the full statement from Prof Gyampo below: 

What is the source of the ECs Mathematical Challenges in Declaring Results? Prof Gyampo Quizzes

Or “I don’t understand the mathematical challenges of the EC in declaring results”

I still do not understand the causes of the mathematical mistakes of the Electoral Commission in declaring results. Can’t the EC be accurate in the declaration of results? The last time in 2020, they corrected themselves more than 5 times in declaring the election results.

Yesterday too, they announced 91% instead of 61%. They could also not do a simple computation of percentages of votes for the rest of the candidates. This is unprecedented.

The sudden plague of mathematical challenges on the part of the EC doesn’t auger well for the quest to build public confidence in the Commission.

Yesterday, the whole announcement of the results of the NPP flag bearer elections by the Electoral Commission, was poorly and shoddily done by Dr. Serebour Quiacoo.

He couldn’t even do a simple computation and announcement of all the percentages for the candidates.

The EC must be clear in telling all about the percentage of votes garnered by all aspirants. This cannot be left to individual computations.

Can’t institutions work to perfect themselves over time? Why should the mere presence of very mortal party human beings make the EC Director of Elections shiver to the point of making mistakes?

Institutions must transcend individuals!

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Prof. Gyampo criticizes EC for their "poor and shoddy" results declaration in the NPP flagbearer election 4

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