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Early life and education

Mahamudu Bawumia was born on October 7, 1963, in Tamale, Ghana. He is the son of Alhaji Mumuni Bawumia, a former Chairman of the Council of State, and Hajia Mariama Bawumia. Bawumia attended the Sakasaka Primary School in Tamale, and gained admission to Tamale Secondary School in 1975. After graduating from Tamale Secondary School, Bawumia proceeded to the United Kingdom where he obtained the Chartered Institute of Bankers Diploma (ACIB).

Bawumia then went on to study economics at the University of Buckingham, where he graduated with first class honors in 1987. He then went on to earn a master’s degree in development economics from Lincoln College, Oxford University, in 1988, and a Ph.D. in economics from Simon Fraser University in Canada in 1995.


After completing his Ph.D., Bawumia worked as an assistant professor of economics at Baylor University in Texas, United States. In 2000, he joined the Bank of Ghana as a senior economist, and he rose to the position of deputy governor in 2006. He served in this position until 2009, when he was nominated as the vice presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Bawumia ran alongside presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections. The NPP lost all three elections, but Bawumia became a popular figure among NPP supporters and Ghanaians in general. He is known for his expertise in economics and finance, as well as his charisma and communication skills.

In 2017, Akufo-Addo was finally elected president, and Bawumia became vice president. As vice president, Bawumia has played a key role in the Akufo-Addo government’s economic management team. He has also been responsible for overseeing the government’s digitalization agenda.

Personal life

Bawumia is married to Samira Bawumia, a former beauty queen and banker. They have four children.

Achievements and legacy

Bawumia has had a number of notable achievements during his career. As deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana, he played a key role in the implementation of a number of successful economic policies, including the introduction of inflation targeting and the reform of the banking sector.

As vice president, Bawumia has been responsible for overseeing the implementation of a number of successful economic policies, including the introduction of mobile money interoperability and the implementation of a national identification system. He has also led the government’s efforts to digitalize public services.

Bawumia has also been a vocal advocate for economic development in Africa. He has argued that Africa needs to focus on industrialization and technological transformation in order to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Bawumia has made a number of campaign promises for the NPP primaries, including:

  • To continue the economic progress made by the Akufo-Addo government. Bawumia has pledged to continue the government’s focus on job creation, infrastructure development, and industrialization. He has also promised to reduce inflation and poverty.
  • To accelerate the digitalization of Ghana’s economy and society. Bawumia has pledged to make Ghana a leader in digital transformation in Africa. He has promised to expand access to broadband internet, promote the use of digital technologies in government and businesses, and support the development of Ghana’s startup ecosystem.
  • To improve the quality of education and healthcare in Ghana. Bawumia has pledged to invest in early childhood education, improve the quality of basic and secondary education, and make tertiary education more affordable. He has also pledged to improve access to quality healthcare and reduce the cost of healthcare for Ghanaians.
  • To promote social justice and equality. Bawumia has pledged to create a more inclusive and equitable society. He has promised to empower women and youth, support the disabled, and promote the rights of minorities.

Bawumia has also made a number of specific promises to NPP delegates, such as:

  • To support the development of NPP constituencies. Bawumia has pledged to provide financial and logistical support to NPP constituencies to help them develop and grow.
  • To empower NPP youth. Bawumia has pledged to create a youth empowerment program within the NPP to help develop the skills and leadership potential of young NPP members.
  • To promote gender equality within the NPP. Bawumia has pledged to work to ensure that women are well-represented in all levels of the NPP.


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