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Bizzle Entertainment Responds to Concert Cancellation by Shatta Wale

Bizzle Entertainment, the organizers of the cancelled Wolverhampton concert featuring Shatta Wale, has responded to the abrupt cancellation of the event by Shatta Movement Empire.

In a press release issued on November 1, 2023, Bizzle Entertainment expressed its shock and disappointment over the cancellation. The press release stated that Bizzle Entertainment and its partners take their commitments seriously and have always strived to maintain open and transparent communication with the artist, their management, and sponsors.

The press release also clarified that Bizzle Entertainment has met all requirements of its contract with Shatta Movement Empire and paid an initial 50% down payment of what was agreed in good faith. Bizzle Entertainment went on to state that it was eagerly looking forward to hosting Shatta Wale in Wolverhampton and offering their audience an unforgettable experience.

The press release concluded by stating that Bizzle Entertainment is committed to resolving the issue amicably with Shatta Movement Empire in line with the terms of their agreement and continuing to bring world-class entertainment to their community.

The cancellation of the concert has left fans disappointed and confused. Many fans had already purchased tickets and were eagerly looking forward to seeing Shatta Wale perform live. Bizzle Entertainment has stated that it will be issuing full refunds to all ticket holders.

It is unclear why Shatta Movement Empire cancelled the concert. The press release from Bizzle Entertainment did not provide any specific reasons. However, some fans have speculated that the cancellation may be due to contractual disagreements or financial problems.

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