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Asamoah Gyan Slams Ameyaw Debrah


Asamoah Gyan, the former captain of the Black Stars, sent a mysterious message after learning of his divorce settlement from his former wife, Gifty Gyan.
The now-retired football player implied that while his ex-wife Gifty might believe she has “won,” that may not be the truth in a Twitter comment on a story published by Ameyaw Debrah.

“If I have 10pts and I keep quiet cos I’m matured, and you have 2 pts and you going find public sympathy, then it’s cool. You are very funny. This is deep so think about it,” Asamoah Gyan commented under the post.

Court Case

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, an Accra court decided, following a three-year legal fight, that Gifty Gyan’s three children are Asamoah Gyan’s, the former Black Stars footballer.
This comes after Asamoah Gyan and his ex-wife Gifty Gyan fought over their divorce for years.

Asamoah Gyan had demanded that their marriage be dissolved and stated he was not the father of their three children.

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the court did, however, find that Asamoah Gyan is the rightful owner of the three children.

The former captain of the Black Stars was ordered by the court to provide Gifty Gyan 25,000 Ghana cedis per month to cover the three children’s expenses, which do not include school tuition, medical and dental treatment, or airfare.

Gifty Gyan will now also take custody of a BMW vehicle and an Infiniti that Asamoah Gyan owns.

In addition, the court has granted Gifty Gyan a land belonging to Asamoah Gyan, originally designated for a filling station.

The court also annulled the marriage between the two parties, while noting that despite the annulment of the marriage, the kids which Asamoah Gyan had hitherto denied, are actually his children confirmed by court-sanctioned DNA test.
Gifty Gyan was also given Asamoah Gyan’s mansion in the UK as compensation in addition to a four-bedroom home in Spintex.

Additionally, Asamoah Gyan’s BMW and Infiniti will now be under Gifty Gyan’s care.

Moreover, the land that was originally intended for a filling station but belonged to Asamoah Gyan was granted to Gifty Gyan by the court.

A court-approved DNA test proved that the children Asamoah Gyan had previously denied are, in fact, his children, the court noted, even though the marriage between the two parties was dissolved.

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