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Don’t believe what men say,Nana Ama McBrown advises

Don’t believe what men say,Nana Ama McBrown advises : Actress and well-known media personality Nana Ama McBrown recently urged her followers not to “believe in the report of men” in a statement.

Although she did not explicitly identify the reason for her claim, the fact that it was made in reaction to frequent media claims that her marriage was in danger of disintegrating because of various problems led some people to believe that she was refuting the rumors.

“Don’t believe what men say. No man shall say… if God says so. GhanaWeb saw Nana Ama McBrown’s Instagram post from Tuesday, October 24, 2023, which read.

The post has received feedback, with some people supporting her claim and others urging her to remain unwavering in the face of difficulty.


Social media has recently become more active with claims that Nana Ama McBrown’s husband, Maxwell Mensah, has a side chick that might be endangering their marriage.

When the story of a well-known socialite who had been dumped after a ten-year relationship went viral earlier, one of the reasons given was that she had been covertly dating Maxwell.

After dating Serwaa for 10 years, Ridwan, who later gained notoriety for marrying another woman, asserted that Serwaa’s frequent affairs with McBrown’s husband caused him to break up with her.

After the news spread, internet users saw that Maxwell and Serwaa continued to follow and like one other’s postings, which prompted a lot of questions.

Some well-known blogs claimed that Maxwell and Serwaa are now cohabitating and that their romance has developed into something more serious.

The other woman had allegedly taken over McBrown’s marriage while she and her husband had been estranged for some time.

According to additional accounts, family elders have tried in vain to end Maxwell and Serwaa’s relationship because they aren’t prepared to end it.

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