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Mepe’s flood situation has been controlled, according to the Ghana Armed Forces

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Mepe's flood situation has been controlled, according to the Ghana Armed Forces 3

Mepe’s flood situation has been controlled, according to the Ghana Armed Forces: According to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), as of Sunday, October 22, the flooding situation in Mepe, a community in the Volta Region that was severely impacted by the Akosombo Dam breach, has been brought under great control.

GAF made this statement while denying rumors that military personnel who had been sent to Mepe for humanitarian relief operations had been evacuated.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a North Tongu member of parliament, had earlier claimed that the military had been requested to leave the neighborhood.

When the water levels haven’t dropped and hundreds of lives are at risk in the camps across these waters, who “above” has given instructions for the military detachment assisting us to cross flood waters to quickly withdraw?

“Who in the government is responsible for this heinous cruelty?” Tweeted him.

In contrast, Mr. Ablakwa stated in a another tweet that he had just received a call stating that the order had been revoked and that the soldiers should report back with their boats and resume their duties.

We’ll soon remove those anonymous, anti-American components.

The GAF issued a statement in response to this event in which it unequivocally declared that “the information in circulation is untrue” and that, in contrast to social media posts, “the personnel have not been given any ‘orders from above’ to withdraw from Mepe or any other neighborhood affected by the spillage.

“It must be emphasized that the Humanitarian Relief Operations (Operation Boafo), being carried out by the 48 Engineer Regiment of the Ghana Army and the Ghana Navy’s Riverine Command, are being carried out in phases. Since the situation in Mepe has been largely under control as of October 22, 2023, it has become urgently necessary to redeploy certain personnel and equipment to other troubled settlements around Battor and its surrounds that are in urgent need of assistance.

The operations being carried out have changed as a result of the deployment of more troops and equipment to these struggling towns. It must be noted that GAF has set up an Emergency Operations Center specifically for this operation, and that center is working with NADMO to synchronize all of GAF’s efforts.

According to the needs of the situation, members of the Naval Riverine Command and the Army’s 48 Engineer Regiment are still deployed and carrying out relief operations (Operation Boafo) in the nearby communities of Mepe, Battor, Sogakope, Adidome, Aveyime, New Bakpa, Big Ada, and Ada Foah.Ten naval boats and four (four) engineer assault boats are available to this staff. Since October 13, 2023, GAF has saved around 12,000 people.

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Mepe's flood situation has been controlled, according to the Ghana Armed Forces 4

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