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Kyekyeku and Ras Nene beautiful story on how they met

In the entertainment business, Bismark Ofori, sometimes referred to as Kyekyeku, has opened up about how his strong connection with Ras Nene, also known as Dr. Likee, first developed.

Although Kyekyeku couldn’t recall the precise age at which he first met Likee, he stated that their relationship began on a movie set when he first began performing at a very early age.

Kyekyeku talked about their initial meeting, which ultimately led to the close relationship they have today, in an interview on The Delay Show.

He described how their first meeting took place while they were filming a scene on a set. They initially interacted during a break in filming caused by a mistake that occurred during the sequence.

When I first met Likee, I was in Kumasi with Director Rich, Kyekyeku recounted. “There was a mistake during a moment we were filming, so we had to stop. When the Director told us to cut, I responded, “I’m with Director Rich,” when Likee inquired where I was from. Then he promised to cooperate with me. Then it was over. The pivotal moment in my life has been that talk, Kyekyeku continued.

Before this unexpected meeting, Kyekyeku and his director shared a home. He stated, “Things were okay with me, but not as they are now,” when comparing his life before and after meeting Likee. At the time, I slept on a mattress without a bed frame in a room with my director.

Kyekyeku, who was born and reared in the Ashanti Region, revealed that his love for acting grew as he discovered his creative abilities.

“I was born in Obuasi,” he declared. “I went to school there before relocating to Bekwai. While my other siblings remained with my biological mother, I was living with a relative of my mother. When I was in junior high school, I started performing because I was creatively inclined. I had previously appeared in a single film before I met Likee.

Since then, Kyekyeku has been well-known thanks to his roles with Likee in a number of skits and films, catapulting him into the public eye. He appreciated the positive changes in his life and conveyed his sincere gratitude to Likee for his continuous support.

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