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The Shocking Arrest: An Instagram Socialite Accused of a Horrific Crime

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The Shocking Arrest: An Instagram Socialite Accused of a Horrific Crime 3

Killaboi, a well-known Instagram socialite from Nigeria, was ultimately apprehended in Sierre Leone after reportedly killing his lover with a knife.

In the company of some women, he was detained at a nightclub in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Reports state that Killaboi changed his name from Benjamin Best Nnanyereugo to Kanu Princeton Samuel and spent $25,000 to get a passport for Sierra Leone in his new name.

According to reports, Interpol and the Nigerian police worked together to apprehend him.

One percent of the mother of the deceased, who corroborated the incident, indicated that her pain had been lessened.


Killaboi confessed to killing his girlfriend, Austa XXO (Augusta Osedion).

He stated in a string of “chilling” Instagram confessions that his acts were motivated by hurt, betrayal, and adultery.

Killaboi’s heartbreaking admission has subsequently sparked a discussion about the grave effects of hurt, betrayal, and violence in romantic relationships.

On July 17, Killaboi made the shocking admission on his Instagram page, admitting that he accidentally stabbed his partner following a violent dispute.

He expressed regret and guilt in a string of tweets outlining the occurrence, admitting that his feelings and the deceased’s betrayal were what caused him to act as he did.

The 26-year-old socialite apologized profusely for his acts at such a young age and vowed to bring himself in to guarantee that justice is done for his deceased girlfriend.

He uploaded a note he had made to Austa’s distraught mother and admitted to escaping the crime scene.

In an effort to learn more, Austa XXO’s mother frequently went to Killaboi’s home at Oral Estate in the Lagos State neighborhood of Ikota.

Eyewitnesses at the time claimed that the police broke through the fence to enter Killaboi’s flat, where they found Austa XXO’s dismembered body.

Surprisingly, the deceased’s bodily parts—including her eyes, breast, and vagina—were all missing, however the scene did yield the dead’s automobile.

Initial fraud-related arrest of Killaboi

Killaboi had been detained before for fraud.

He was captured in 2021 by agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) after making a N150 million point-of-sale (POS) transaction with a card that had been stolen. He was taken into custody by the authorities at a hotel in Umuahia after failing to elude them.

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The Shocking Arrest: An Instagram Socialite Accused of a Horrific Crime 4

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