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Omid Djalili’s height, Age, and Net worth

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Omid Djalili's height, Age, and Net worth 3

Iranian-British multi-talented artist Omid Djalili is well-known for his acting, comedy, and writing talents.

Many individuals have been researching Omid Djalili’s age, height, and net worth online and asking a lot of questions about them.

This article covers everything there is to know about Omid Djalili’s age, height, and net worth.

How wealthy is Omid Djalili, and what is his net worth?
The estimated net worth of Omid Djalili is $9 million.

Age of Omid Djalili
When was Omid Djalili born? The age of Omid Djalili is 58. On September 30, 1965, he was born in Chelsea, London, the United Kingdom.

Djalili, Omid Height
What is Omid Djalili’s height? Omid Djalili is 1.65 meters tall.

When Djalili’s comedy career took off in 1995, it was because to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance of his play “Short, Fat Kebab Shop Owner’s Son.” He followed up on this triumph in 1996 by starring in “The Arab and the Jew” with Jewish comic Ivor Dembina.

His humorous abilities have carried him to several nations, including Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, and the US, where he had his HBO Special.

Omid Djalili has a long history in acting in addition to stand-up comedy. His roles in a number of well-known movies include “Gladiator,” “The Mummy,” “Mean Machine,” “The World Is Not Enough,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” and “Sex and the City 2,” among others. He is also known for frequently portraying Middle Eastern supporting characters in these movies.

Awards have been given in recognition of Djalili’s accomplishments in comedy and acting, including the EMMA Award, Time Out Award, LWT Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Comedian, Spirit of the Fringe Award, and One World Media Award for his Channel 4 documentary, “Bloody Foreigners.”

Omid Djalili has engaged in a variety of endeavors outside of the entertainment industry, including acting as a festival judge for the Noor Iranian Film Festival and performing with the Philharmonia Orchestra at a Meltdown Festival concert.

His distinct sense of humor, adaptability in the entertainment business, and contributions to both comedy and acting have made Omid Djalili’s life and career memorable.

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