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Conflict between Pankrono-Adabraka youth groups results in one death

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Conflict between Pankrono-Adabraka youth groups results in one death 7

To prevent a potential counterattack, heavily armed security personnel have been stationed at the Ashanti region’s Adabraka and Pankrono settlements.

In a townwide fight between two young groups, one person has died.

Owusu Banahene, a young guy, died as a result of the incident, and his family is demanding the arrest and prosecution of everyone involved.

Youth group disputes that never end

In Tafo, Pankrono, Adabraka, and Ahwiaa, young group violence has grown frequent.

Consistently, people die and homes are destroyed.

According to sources in these communities, the rise in young drug usage is to blame for the ongoing conflicts.

“The young in the areas are so heavily involved in drugs that any minor conflict will turn violent. There are some places in the neighborhoods where you can not walk without fear of being attacked and having your personal belongings snatched from you. Crime has increased there.

The cops cannot claim that they are unaware of these boys’ illicit conduct. When the police make an arrest in connection with one of these occurrences, you will observe the suspect return to the neighborhood a minute later. This, in a way, undermines public confidence in the police and encourages citizens to occasionally break the law, according to a Pankrono resident who requests anonymity.

The most recent incidence happened on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, when Owusu Banahene was on his way to a Pankrono public restroom when he was attacked by his attackers and fatally stabbed.

“We just received a call telling us to attend to the Tafo government hospital because our brother had been stabbed at around four o’clock in the afternoon. We all arrived at the location and discovered his lifeless body on the stretcher. He had left. Anokye Clinton, the deceased’s brother, remarked in a tearful voice, “My brother was scheduled to leave the nation just next week.

According to reports, the 27-year-old Banahene is a victim of circumstances.

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Conflict between Pankrono-Adabraka youth groups results in one death 8

“The fight was between our older brother and the gang, therefore it was a false target. It happened back in 2012. The other party alleged the brother arbitrated against them during a football gala game he oversaw. We all believed that we had resolved our problems after they made threats against him, but then this horrible attack happened,” said Clinton.

Retaliatory strike

The next day, on Thursday, young people from Pankrono stormed Adabraka in retaliation, but police quickly stepped in to stop the conflict from getting worse.

Many cars’ windscreens were broken. Shops were shut down, and business operations temporarily stopped.

The Tafo-Pankrono divisional police command detained two people.

by the family of the dead

Justice is necessary to bring about peace in the eyes of the deceased’s relatives.

“We are anticipating the police to conduct a thorough investigation, apprehend the offenders, and allow the legal process to play out. We won’t acknowledge that justice has been done in any other way. Otherwise, we cannot rule out reprisal strikes – not from the deceased’s family but from some of the youngsters, Samson Owusu, the deceased’s uncle, signaled.

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Conflict between Pankrono-Adabraka youth groups results in one death 9

There is a great deal of dread among the locals as a result of the violent altercation.

“Youth gangs exist in both neighborhoods. We were alarmed by the murder and the accompanying retaliation strikes. We just want everything to be settled as quickly as possible. Atta Bio David, a Pankrono resident, suggested that the establishment of a police station in this neighborhood will at least lessen these kinds of instances.

The locals anticipate that the government would think carefully about how to bring about long-term peace in the region.

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Conflict between Pankrono-Adabraka youth groups results in one death 10

“For once, the relevant authorities ought to investigate the cause of these incidents. Years have passed, and the consequences are terrible. Sumaila Issah, a resident of Adabraka, suggested that it is past time for authorities to make a decisive move and abolish all of these adolescent gangs.

In order to maintain peace and order, the police are currently unwavering in their attempts to stop any potential reprisal assaults.

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Conflict between Pankrono-Adabraka youth groups results in one death 11

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