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Qatar Airways Criticized for Poor Handling of Ghanaian Passengers

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Criticized for Poor Handling of Ghanaian Passengers 3

Qatar Airways has been criticized for its poor handling of Ghanaian passengers at Kotoka International Airport on September 26, 2023.

Passengers on a flight to Doha scheduled to depart at 5:15 pm were delayed for two hours before boarding. After boarding, they experienced further delays due to a tire burst. It appeared that the flight might be canceled, but no communication was provided to the passengers.

After being left without information for about four hours, the passengers disembarked from the plane and their boarding passes were collected with the promise of accommodation being arranged for them. However, as at midnight, they were still stranded at the airport with nowhere to rest and Qatar Airways were not being forthcoming with updates.

After fighting with the airline, the passengers finally got their accommodation issues sorted out around 12:30am.

The passengers’ complaints include:

  • Lack of communication: The passengers were not informed of the reason for the delay, even after being left on the plane for four hours.
  • Poor customer service: The passengers were not provided with any assistance or support during the delay, such as food, drinks, or accommodation.
  • Dismissive attitude: Qatar Airways staff were reportedly dismissive of the passengers’ concerns and did not take their complaints seriously.

Aviation experts have also criticized Qatar Airways’ handling of the situation.

“Leaving passengers on a plane for four hours without any explanation is a potential safety hazard,” said one expert. “If there had been an emergency, the passengers would have been at risk.”

Another expert said that Qatar Airways’ lack of communication and poor customer service were “unacceptable.”

“Passengers have a right to know what is happening and to make informed decisions about their travel,” the expert said. “Qatar Airways should have provided the passengers with more information and support during the delay.”

Qatar Airways has not yet issued a public apology to the passengers affected.

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Qatar Airways Criticized for Poor Handling of Ghanaian Passengers 4

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