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Harry Maguire’s mother speaks out against abuse

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Harry Maguire's mother speaks out against abuse 3

In a powerful statement, Harry Maguire’s mother, Lynne, has condemned the online abuse that her son has been subjected to in recent months.

“As a mum, seeing the level of negative and abusive comments in which is receiving from some fans, pundits and the media is disgraceful and totally unacceptable to any walk of life never mind someone who works his socks off for club and country,” she wrote.

Lynne Maguire went on to say that she understands that there are ups and downs in football, but that the abuse that her son has received has gone “far beyond football.”

“For me seeing him go through what’s he’s going through is not ok,” she wrote. “I’d hate to have to see other parents or players go through this in future, especially young boys and girls breaking through the ranks today.”

Lynne Maguire also praised her son’s mental strength, saying that it is “a good job he’s mentally strong and can handle it as others may not be able too.”

“I wish this sort of abuse on nobody,” she concluded.

Maguire’s statement is a powerful reminder of the impact that online abuse can have on individuals and their families. It is also a call for action to social media platforms and other organizations to do more to combat this problem.

Online abuse is a serious problem that can have a devastating impact on victims. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide. It is important to remember that words can hurt, and that we should all be mindful of the impact that our words can have on others.

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Harry Maguire's mother speaks out against abuse 4

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