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What is Peter Cushing’s current net worth?

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What is Peter Cushing's current net worth? 3

In 1994, British actor Peter Cushing OBE passed away with a $10 million fortune. In addition to having over 130 acting credits to his name, Peter Cushing played Sherlock Holmes in the 1968 BBC1 series. He also starred in the miniseries “Pride and Prejudice” and the movies “Hamlet” (1948), “The Curse of Frankenstein” (1957), “Dracula” (1958), “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (1959), “The Ghoul” (1975), and “Star Wars” (1977).

Peter Cushing: Who is he?
As Peter Wilton Cushing, he was born on May 26, 1913, in Kenley, Surrey, England. Peter is the brother of David and the son of quantity surveyor George Edward Cushing and Nellie Marie King. Theater actors included Cushing’s grandfather, aunt, and step-uncle.

The family moved from Dulwich to Purley following World War I. When Peter was a baby, he experienced “double pneumonia” once and pneumonia twice. He became captivated with acting after seeing a performance of “Peter Pan,” and as a young child, he loved dressing up and playing make-believe. When he was younger, Cushing performed puppet performances for his family to earn money.

He boarded at Shoreham Grammar School, but he returned home after only one semester due to homesickness. Peter played rugby and cricket at Purley County Grammar School, and his brother frequently helped him with his homework. The school’s dramatist, D.J. Davies, encouraged Cushing to take part in the performances, and Peter was given the role of the lead in several of them.

What is Peter Cushing’s yearly salary?
The annual salary of Cushing is not known. He is thought to be worth roughly $10 million, though.

Peter Cushing owns how many companies?
There is not much information available about Cushing’s enterprises other from his acting profession.

The number of investments Peter Cushing owns is unknown.

Regarding the famed actor’s investments, not much is known.

What number of endorsement deals does Peter Cushing have?

Cushing has rich endorsement deals with a few different products and businesses.

How many organizations has Peter Cushing supported?

It is believed that the well-known director is passionate about giving back to the community. However, there isn’t much information available on his philanthropy or charitable contributions.

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What is Peter Cushing's current net worth? 4

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