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Claire Foy’s Net Worth: Biography, Net Worth

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Claire Foy’s Net Worth: Biography, Net Worth 3

Claire Foy is an English actress and producer with a $6 million net worth. The most well-known Claire Foy role is her Emmy-winning depiction of Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s “The Crown” (2016–2017; 2020–2022); she also played Anne Boleyn in the 2015 BBC Two miniseries “Wolf Hall.”

Claire Foy: Who is she?
On April 16, 1984, in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, Claire Foy was born. She was raised in Leeds and Manchester by her mother Caroline, father David, and older siblings Robert and Gemma. The family had to move to Longwick since David had to work there for Rank Xerox as a salesman.

When Claire was eight years old, her parents divorced. Her father later remarried and had a second daughter. Before enrolling in a theater program at Liverpool John Moores University, Foy attended Aylesbury High School. She also completed a year-long degree at the “world-leading conservatoire” Oxford School of Drama in 2007. After graduating, Claire moved to southeast London’s Peckham and lived there with five of her theater school friends.

How much money does Claire Foy earn annually?
The yearly salary of Foy is unknown. She is thought to be worth roughly $6 million, though.

In a panel discussion in March 2018, one of the “The Crown” producers said that Claire Foy’s pay each episode was $40,000, which was less than that of her male co-star Matt Smith. Between seasons one and two, Claire appeared in 20 episodes and earned $800,000.

How much money has Claire Foy invested?
The investments of the well-known actress are not actually public.

What number of endorsement agreements does Claire Foy hold?
Foy has significant ambassadorial and endorsement contracts with a few companies, including CoverGirl cosmetics.

How many charitable causes has Claire Foy backed?
Along with her acting career, Foy has used her platform to promote important social issues, most notably gender equality.

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